Watch the Moment Ukrainian Police Blocked a Black Woman From Entering a Train, and Abandoned Most of the Black Males

Watch the Moment Ukraine Police Blocked Abandoned Blacks from Entering Train

A clip has surfaced online showing the moment a Ukrainian authority was seen blocking a black woman from entering the refugee train which was about to leave at one of the borders.




This was widely observed as an act of racism by the blacks who’re been left behind or blocked from boarding the train, in the hopes of getting to a safe destination.



 A twitter user who lives in Ukraine wrote on his page saying; 

In the train stations here in Kyiv, children first, women second, white men third, then the remaining is occupied by Africans.



This means that we have waited for many hours for trains here & couldn’t enter because of this. Majority of Africans are still waiting to get to Lviv… well adios wit my support

Nze @nzekiev Twitter
Nze @nzekiev Twitter


 Another twitter user posted on twitter saying;

So, Poland announced that Ukrainians fleeing the war may bring their pets with them but not Africans. Never thought bigotry exists during such tough times.







Some say that Indians and Ghanians in Ukraine are meted with the attitude and treatment which has been widely called out as acts of racism.




Watch the video below, swipe to see the second video…





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