Watch the Hilarious Moment new bride Pushed Away one of her Bridesmaids who was Tw**king on her Husband’s D (Video)

Watch the hilarious moment new bride 👰 pushed away one of her bridesmaids who was twerking on her husband’s Front 😂 😂



It was dance time in a very energetic wedding reception and the husband got carried away while dancing in the mixed crowd.


He (the husband) now shared a club dance with one of the bridesmaid who now twerked on him for sometime. 



The wife who was also dancing from a short distance saw that one of her bridesmaid was dancing and twerking with her husband, so she quickly separated the two


Not up to 2 seconds the bridesmaid and the husband got together again and started dancing, while the bridesmaid twerked on his D 😂 😂.


The wife came an separated the two for the second time, it was at that moment that it became obvious that the bride 👰 don’t want any story 😂


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