Watch DCP Abba Kyari Bribing an NDLEA Officer with Money he Made from Drug Trafficking (Video)

NDLEA Releases video evidence against DCP Abba Kyari

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, wished the suspended police DCP Abba Kyari, a valentine’s day, but not in a way he wanted.



After months collecting evidence, the agency decided to release an video in video which shows the moment the suspended police officer  Abba Kyari was attempting to bribe  an officer of NDLEA.



In the video shared, Kyari who was wearing a face mask was seen having a discussion with an NDLEA officer in Hausa. At some point in the video, he handed over dollar notes to the anti-drug trafficking agency official.



It was later gathered via information available on open source research,  that Abba Kyari and his team (while on fake suspension) arrested a Trafficker in Enugu with 25Kg of cocaine.



He ( Abba Kyari) then called an NDLEA officer for them to release only 10Kg cocaine to NDLEA and replace the rest with a dummy that Kyari sold to the market at 7m per KG.



After he sold his own 15Kg(he gave the people that snitched on the informants 8kg and took 7) he then offered to help NDLEA sell half of the remaining 7Kg leaving only 5Kg for prosecution.






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