Watch as Police and Bodyguards Escort and run After Arthur Eze N’Ukpo as he Rides Bicycle on the Streets

A hilarious video has surfaced online showing Anambra billionaire and oil mogul, Prince Prince Arthur Eze N’Ukpo as he was doing his regular exercise, riding his bicycle while his security team were on foot with their guns running behind him, while some were watching behind from a car.




The video after it was shared online went viral in few hours with many hilarious comments and reposts from across the nation. Several Nigerians reacted to the video with memes calling on their friends to come and check if someone they knew was among the security detail.


Several of the commenters hinted out from the rather funny video, what many father, brothers and uncles go through everyday as the tedious work security men,



which they have to pass through almost on daily basis just to protect the rich and powerful, thereby feeding and sheltering their own family.


The billionaire was captured riding bicycle around his home in Anambra while his security men ran along to guard him.


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