Watch as Nigerian Army men Beat a Policeman Traffic Warden Publicly in Ibadan (Video)

About 6 men who were dressed in Nigerian Army Uniform were seen beating, kicking and flogging a police officer who is also a traffic cop, at a popular junction in Ibandan.



It was reported that the incident happened at Ring-Road junction in Ibada, over the weekend, on the 8th of January 2022. In a video that was shared, some were beating the traffic warden while some were kicking and flogging him with a popular pepperish whip called koboko.


It was unclear what instigated the fight between the group of men in army uniform and a Police traffic warden at Ring-Road in Bayelsa, but LatestNGnews obtained reports that the colleagues of the traffic warden are now seeking justice.



The video ever since it was shared online has sparked several feelings amongst internet users, some persons wonder the military are being feared so much yet they fail to use their influence to end the menace of terrorism in the country.


Some saw it as what fits the policeman who received the beating, maintaining that a Call for justice not needed because it was the same police that brutalized innocent individuals in Nigeria



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