Watch as Nigerian and Other Black Nationals a Ukraine/Poland Boarder, Struggle as They’re Refused Entrance in Poland (Video)

Watch as Nigerian and Other Black Nationals a UkrainePoland Boarder

Another video clip has surfaced online which captures the moment Nigerian and other black Nationals were left stranded at the Ukraine/Poland, after they were denied entrance into Poland.




It was gathered that everyone at the boarder, including Ukrainians, were initially denied entrance into Poland, but the Ukrainians protested and they were later allowed to enter the Poland border.



According to a Nigerian who is at the border and spoke to LIB, blacks including Nigerians have been at the border for four days and counting. A BBCnews population correspondent, Stephanie Hegarty, posted on her handle earlier on Saturday saying;



A Nigerian medical student at Poland/Ukraine border (Medyka-Shehyni) told me she has been waiting 7hrs to cross, she says border guards are stopping black people and sending them to the back of the queue, saying they have to let ‘Ukrainians’ through first.

@Stephanie Hegarty
@Stephanie Hegarty


Reports say that Indians are also being manhandled at the boarders, the video clip below shows the few hours before other whites were let in, and the blacks were left outside.




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