Wale Ojo Lanre Files ₦50m Lawsuit Against Peter Obi for Involving a Toddler in his Political Rally (Video)

Wale Ojo Lanre Files ₦50m Lawsuit Against Peter Obi

Child’s Right Activist, Wale Ojo Lanre, has filled a ₦50m Lawsuit against Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, for using a toddler in his Oct 1 political rally in Lagos state. Lanre also seeks that Mr Peter Obi should be disqualified by INEC.




This development was made public by AriseTV news anchor, stated that the activist filled the notion in a Family Court in Lagos, on October 27, 2022, he also in the lawsuit, joined the mother of the child and the attorney general of the federation. 


Ojo Lanre in his notion, argued that the use of a toddler in a political rally was illegal, misleading, exploitative, abusive and unlawful, for the LP presidential candidate do. Lanre is also seeking an order to disqualify from participating in the 2023 general presidential election.



He said that what Obi allowing the usage of the toddler in a political rally, is contrary to section 29 and 36 of the child’s right act, of Lagos state, and article 36 of the United Nations Convention, on the rights of Children, 1981.



Speaking about the development, AriseTV news anchor, Dr Ruben Abbati, noted that the court hearing has been scheduled, and that Wale Ojo Lanre is seeking that Mr Peter Obi should pay 50m in damages, but didn’t state if the damages was done to him (Wale Ojo Lanre), or to the child, whom Mr Peter Obi has already described as a “Poster Child, the reason he is in Presidential race, to secure a future for”


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