Wahala! Pastor tells Church Members That Barbing of Hair is a Sin (Video)

A yet to be properly identified female preacher has been making a name for herself with a rather hilarious but absurd allegations in the name of preaching the gospel




In a recent video shared online, she was seen telling her church members that cutting their hair to look good was supposedly a sin and is against the of law of G’d


She had made several claims in the past, like telling her church members that easting draw soup is a sin.. citing that eating draw soup will make a person to be slow in the spiritual realm.


She was also seen in the video making an instance with a man who had his hair cut,

and with another one with a bald shaved hair, and pointing out that his bald hair was visible after he had his hair cut.


She alleged that men with hair should online cut a little part of it, and not barbing their hair completely.


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