Volcanic Eruption Causes a Church in La Palma to Collapse (Video)

A church on the Spanish island of La Palma has collapsed under the earth after lava from an erupting volcano entered the town of Todoque, 




The dramatic was caught on camera courtesy of TV Canariasm the rather shocking images showed a cloud of dense smoke engulfing the bell tower of the church before it all went down and disappearing from the horizon.


The Church had already narrowly escaped collapsing earlier in the week when lava stopped just before of the church, but unfortunately, as the building can’t run and defend itself, the lava caught up to it after some days.



The lava that casued the collapse was formed in a new lava flow that arrived in Todoque, a small town that was evacuated last week to avoid casualties when the first lava river reached it, moving faster than the previous one, at 100mph.


The Cumbre Vieja volcano entered a new explosive phase on Friday (local time), experts said.

This unwanted movement under the earth’s crust caused the airlines to remain closed despite the efforts to the emergency workers clearing the ash from the airport runway, but still no flights arrived or departed for safety reasons.

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