Viral Video of Young boys Doing Initiations in Shrine for Money and Power (Watch)

Viral Video of Young boys Doing Initiations in Shrine for Money and Power

A controversial video of 3 young men undergoing excruciating pain while visiting a shrine for wealth and power has been shared online. In the video which was shared by a twitter user, it showed the trio who were half dressed with can be assumed to be blood running down their face and body, as a native doctor conducts the rituals.




One of the men, with his hair styled in dreadlocks, is seen shaking visibly, but it wasn’t clear from the video what could be the cause of his shaky shaky body as each of the boys had in their hands, a calabash in lit on fire, and despite how hot the calabash got in their bare hands, the men were admonished not to drop the hot calabash.



The man with dreadlocks is heard crying out in pain from the heat of the calabash, but it’s still not clear where exactly it happened, and what is the full story there, though the men are heard speaking pidgin English with a strong Nigerian accent in the video.


Several of the internet users who saw the video condemned it as they maintained that such traditional practices shouldn’t be practiced anymore, whether they’re for money or for power. One of the comments reads;




These practices are reminiscent of traditional manhood initiation rites that used to occur in ancient times across different parts of Africa. Their objective is to kill the boy and to awaken and embolden the man within.




Once a young man has successfully endured such rites, he becomes fearless and is better to take on the challenges and obstacles of manhood. Unsurprisingly, the acquisition of wealth can be one of the results of his new found fearlessness.





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