Viral Video of Muslim Singing and Praying, Similar to Christian ways (Watch)

group of Muslims praying the way Christians do

A video has gone viral which showed the Muslim faithful both men and women where in what is assumed to be a mosque, but where preaching, praying, singing and dancing the way Christians do while in church.



While many either applauded or were amused by the video, and asked if this was a church or a mosque, Dogo Shettima who is the Special Assistant to the Borno state governor on Reconstruction, Rehabilitation & Resettlement (MRRR, shared his own opinion. 


He posted the video on his Twitter with the caption which reads;


”The freedom to worship has been part of our problems in this country and the world. I found this video disturbing and believe, I need to know what I don’t know here please.”



Viral Video of Muslim Singing and Praying Similar to Christian ways


In the video, the Muslims could be seen praying fervently in the manner Christians, most especially Pentecostals, pray.






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