(Video) We Now Swim on The Roads in Our Cars and Bikes – Anambra Man Cries Out

We Now Swim on The Roads in Our Cars and Bikes is the cry of every business and non-business man in Anambra as the condiotns of the state and local roads keep deteriorating.



Anambra Man Cries Out as he took to his social media page to sarcastically praises Gov Will Obiano of Anambra State horrible roads.


Willy is working! Willy is working as he chant, a phrase which was used by governor Obiano in the first 4yrs of his tenure as the state governor, is now used as an anthem of mockery and sarcastic praises.



In a video that recently surfaced, a popular road that connects Nnobi to Awka Etiti was seen in filled with flood to motorists and cyclists struggle to find a way to pass against the raging flood.

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A twitter user called out Prof Chukwuma Soludo  saying 


Soludo will tell you that this is a Federal road, and that it’s only the Federal Government and it’s people that plies the road and not Ndi Anambra, and that it’s not broken too.

Prof Soludo is the APGA governorship candidate in the forthcoming governorship election coming up in the state that is scheduled to for 6 November 2021

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