Video Showing the Palace of the Kidnapped Imo Traditional Rulers Burnt Down by their Abductors

Ex-beauty Queen and Daughter of one of the abducted Imo traditional rulers has shared a video of his fathers house which was destroyed and razed down by gunmen who abducted her father, Eze Paul Ogbu, the traditional ruler of Ohitte Ihube.


CONTINUE READING BELOW reported that the gunmen also abducted Acho Ndukwe, the traditional ruler of Amagu Ihube, on same day, Sunday 12th October and razed both their palace houses and cars with fire.


Reacting to the issue, Ugonna Ogbu, an ex-beauty queen and daughter of one of the victims, shared a video showing the ruins of her father’s Palace as she lamented and cried for her father’s safety.


She called out the supreme court governor of Imo state, H.E Hope Uzodimma for claiming that Imo state is safe whereas people are being kidnapped and some killed on daily basis.


She also said that during the attack, they called the police to report the attack but the police asked them where is Okigwe located, after they gave directions to the police, the police still gave them a phone number of the police headquarter that they will call for assistance.


Screenshot of the post by Ugonna Ogbu an ex beauty queen And Daughter of the Victim
Screenshot of the post by Ugonna Ogbu an ex beauty queen And Daughter of the Victim


She continued by saying that they called the second number which was supposed to the headquarters, but no one answered.


After the attack, her family reached out the Okigwe fire service to report a burning house, but the fire service told them that they service station doesn’t have water at the moment.

She pleaded on the help of well-meaning Nigerians to come to her aid so no pin was saved from their which which was set ablaze by the gunmen



The ex-beauty queen called on the government of Imo state and the Nigerian Senate to come to their aid, especially with locating and rescuing her father, so that all he laboured in the past years wouldn’t be in vain.


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