Video of Newlyweds Exiting a Restaurant Minutes after Having their Wedding with only Bestman and Bridesmaid in Attendance (Video)

A newlywed couple have been Exiting a Restaurant Minutes after Having their Wedding. Several netizens have already taken upon themselves to estimate that the wedding wouldn’t cost up to ₦25,000.



According to a social media user who shared the video, the wedding was held on Friday, July 29, 2022, with just the best man and one bridesmaid in attendance.


After the wedding, the new couple is seen exiting a restaurant, still in the outfits they got married in, with packs of food in their hands.


Two people believed to be the bestman and bridesmaid followed just behind them. The bride had her regular white gown and nothing too expensive of fancy




The message of having a lowkey wedding which has been preached in Nigeria for several times was passed  by the couple effectively.




Others went ahead to re-share a post by Ani Nnamdi Chris, where he advised Nigerian youths that wedding no cost, that several of them are the cause of their own problems because they wan wed like Ritualist








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