Uruagu man, Mr Peter Orji Kills his Elder Brother, Mr Godwin Orji, During Heated Argument of ₦1,500 Electric Bill

Mr Godwin Orji Kills his Elder Brother Mr Peter Orji Over

A man from Okpunoeze in Uruagu, Nnewi, in Nnewi North LGA, has surrendered himself to the Police. after he shot his elder brother Mr Godwin Orji, death, during a heated argument of ₦1,500 Electric Bill.



LatestNGnews.com corresponded who visited the locality where the shocking incident happened, gathered that the suspect shot his brother out of annoyance that his own light was disconnected beacuse his brother Mr Godwin Orji couldn’t pay his own ₦1,500 quota of the monthly nepa bill


The suspect who gave himself to the authorities confronted his elder brother, Mr Godwin Orji who lived in the same compound with him on the reasons why his own light must be disconnected. On the course of the heated argument, Mr Peter quickly ran into his house, brought out his gun, and shot Mr Godwin.



Moments after the news of what he did circulated around the community, he got scared that the residents will seek justice and lynch him to death, because what he did is considered as a heavy atrocity in Igbo land,  he quickly ran to the nearest police station and surrendered himself.




Reports have it that the vendetta between Mr Peter and Mr Godwin didn’t start today, as they have been in dispute over a piece of land for many years now. It was said that Mr Peter has always been giving life threats to Mr Godwin over the years, but nobody took it seriously.



This will be the third time in two years now or there about, that people will be murdering their family members, their blood over flimsy issues in Okpunoeze community.





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