Update: Police Arrest Unic Vilos School Teacher, Mazamaza, Lagos State, who Flogged a 2-Year-old for Failing to Recite ABC

Twitter User Shared Photos of his 2 year old Niece who was Flogged Mercilessly Because she Couldnt Recite ABC in Class

Lagos state Police has arrested a teacher of Unic Vilos School, Mazamaza, Lagos State, who was identified as “Aunty Joy”, for flogging a 2-year-old in her class after the toddler failed to recite the letters of the english alphabet, ABC, sometime last week.



The teacher was arrested by the Valentine’s day by the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency (LSDSVA), Office of Education Quality Assurance (OEQA) and the Department of School Social Work, Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development, who sent a team to the school premises.



Recall that LatestNGnews.com reported that a twitter user by the handle @wakawakatailor posted a thread of how his 2-year-old niece was flogged, leaving visible cane strokes on the child’s back, for failing to recite ABC.



@wakawakatailor added that his sister who is the mother of the child, confronted the teacher to enquire what happened, but the teacher lashed out on her, telling her that her daughter wasn’t the only pupil who was punished, so why is she making a fuss out of it.



After the tweet went viral, a team was sent to the school to investigate the matter, and Aunty Joy was subsequently arrested.




The mother of the child, Mrs. Faustina Ohamadike, told LatestNGnews.com  that Joy gave the toddler 24 strokes of the cane for failing to recite the English alphabets.



A statement by the LDSVRA noted that the investigation team established the abuse and reported the case to the police.



The toddler has been referred to Amuwo Odofin General Hospital for treatment.


Some twitter users who reacted to the news added that some parents have reported severally about aunty joy nothing was done about it. One of the comments on the post reads;



If it’s Unic Vilos, I’m not surprised. The teacher’s are violent, The management is aware. Even the parents are fully aware. I was at one of their school parties and I couldn’t stomach how parents announced the way they threaten their kids with “Aunty Joy” anytime they misbehaved.

Police Arrest Unic Vilos School Teacher Lagos


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