Unknown Dog Men — Local Vigilante Group Arrests Unknown men With over 400 Dogs who Were Camping in the Bush (Video)

Unknown Dog Men

A local vigilante group has arrested  a group of unidentified men, with dogs, totaling in the number of about 400, in their camp where they were hiding inside the bush.



In a video which was obtained by LatestNGnews.com, the identify of the men were unknown to the vigilante group who arrested them.



They didn’t speak but looks to understand very little english of it’s Nigerian version, pidgin language.



According to the intonation in the background, it was suspected that these men with their truck load of dogs were arrested in some remote part of Delta state.




It is still a mystery who they are, what was their mission and where they’re going., how ever, some netizens have dubbed them the “Unknown Dog Men” 



Another source close to the vigilante group, revealed to LatestNGnews.com that the “Unknown Dog Men” and their dogs were already camping inside the bush, before they were busted by the local vigilante group who suspected abnormal activities in the area.







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