University Lecturer and Students Run for Safety After their classmates Entered the Classroom, Dressed as bandits, to Make a Presentation on Terrorism

Universiy Lecturer and Students Run for Safety After their classmates Entered the Classroom Dressed as bandits to Make a Presentation on Terrorism

It was a brief moment of uncertainty for the Students and a lecturer of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba in Ondo state who recently ran for their lives after some of the students of the institution stormed their  classroom, dressed as terrorists for a presentation they were having on terrorism.



The students who dressed in military camouflage and had their faces covered while carrying “guns”, came into the lecture room for their presentation.



The lecturer and the students said they thought they were under attack, making everyone scamper for safety. A student of the school who gave an insight into what happened wrote…


So this is what happened yeah We have political science presentation And a group was to present on terrorism they decided to do their presentation a different way Like to portray the whole terrorism thing now .


So some guys came in from the back with uniform and guns and scarfs around their neck acting like terrorists which was unknown to everyone Omo people ran out got injured, someone fainted me sef I ran under the chair started shouting blood of Jesus t it my mind went straight up to the owo stuff Class duh scatter sha because some people phones got spoilt in the process of “escaping” and some got injured




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