Unidentified Man Seen Standing N*ked on top of Governor Ugwuanyi’s Statue (Video)

Unidentified Man Seen Standing Nkd on top of Governor Ugwuanyis Statue

A yet to be identified man has been seen standing n*kd on top of a head statue of Mr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the executive governor of Enugu state.




According to a video obtained by LatestNGnews.com, the unidentified man was seen standing on the head of the statue that is along the road at a popular junction in the state, at night, while in his birthday suite.



A male voice was heard in the background saying that whoever knows who the victim is, should come and identify so he can be reunited with his family. 



Surprisingly, some of the indigenes of the sate who saw the clip online, praised the unidentified man, while hailing him to offload his waste products on top of the status.




It is however, a mystery, as to what led to the man climbing on such heights at that time of the night, some suspected that the man was not insane, and argued that this must be some sort of ritual in other to get money.







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