UK bans Ukraine Travels, Warns Citizen to Evacuate Ukraine with Immediate Effect, and not Expect Military Evacuation

UK Prime Minister

The United Kingdom on Friday announced the restriction of all all travels from the UK to Ukraine, and advised its citizens to evacuate the country while it is still possible to fly commercial.





The UK warned her citizens that there will be no military evacuation if the use of commercial airlines becomes impossible due to the growing tension between Ukraine and Russia.


This was confirmed to news men by Junior defence minister, James Heappey, while speaking to Sky News on Saturday, adding that  “There will be no British troops in Ukraine if there is any conflict with Russia,”  



In line with the recent developments, the British ambassador to Ukraine, Melinda Simmons, posted on twitter saying that Britain is still maintaining a diplomatic presence in Ukraine. She said;



“I am staying in Kyiv and continue to work there with a core team. The embassy remains operational,”  



British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said on Friday British troops sent to Ukraine for training purposes would return soon.



US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin were set to speak on Saturday as Western nations warned that a war in Ukraine could ignite at any moment.




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