Tyson Fury Calls on UK Government to Impose Higher Punishment on Knife Crimes After his Cousin was Stabbed to Death

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury, the WBC Boxing heavyweight champion, has called on the British government to impose higher sentence and generally do more in their effort to tackle knife crime as he revealed that his cousin, Rico Burton, was been stabbed to death on Saturday night.



The heavyweight world champion announced on Instagram on Sunday, August 21 that his cousin Rico Burton was murdered Saturday night, as he demand the government to impose more effective ways of punishing knife crimes. He said:


“My cousin was murdered last night, stabbed in the neck. “This is becoming ridiculous – idiots carry knives. This needs to stop.”  “bring back higher sentencing for knife crime”: “It’s a pandemic.



“You don’t know how hard it is until it’s one of your own. “Life is very precious and it can be taken away very quick. Enjoy every moment.



“RIP Rico Burton – may the lord God grant you a good place in heaven, see you soon.”




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