Two Sidechicks fight over a man at a Ghana Restaurant (video)

Two Sidechicks fight over a man at a Ghana Rrestaurant

Two Sidechicks fight over a man at a Ghana Restaurant – 2 beautiful Ghanaian ladies has been pictured fighting over one man in whom they refer to as “Sugar Daddy”. A video of two women allegedly fighting over a sugar daddy at the outdoor section of a restaurant has gone viral after being shared online.




The video showed the two ladies engaged in a heated argument that degenerated into a fight at the restaurant in East Legon, Accra, Ghana. As the older man who was allegedly the cause of the fracas dragged the younger lady he was out with to his car, the other woman approached him and verbally abused him.



Several internet users who saw the video of Two Sidechicks fight over a man at a Ghana Restaurant, condemned the actions of man who is believed to be married and the both ladies who decided to publicly shame themselves. Below are some of what they said via comments, reg


Lol. This life. The wife is prolly also with her boyfriend and just laughing at them as she is watching the drama with him. Her husband is too busy spreading her cum inside different women so she too has man that is helping her husband to make up the missing fucks. But she will still pretend and show him pepper when they both




Somebody’s husband being exposed!!! Am never sure why women fight themselves over a man when they should fight the man…if they must fight!



Shameless people. Old man must have been speaking from 2 sides of his mouth. I won’t be surprised if he has a wife at home o. The ladies are fighting for the maga. All of una go dey alright sha.


Black African women keep embarrassing us. Inshallah I will make it to Europe this year, make I see any black sister come tell me say why I marry Oyibo. You guys keep embarrassing yourselves. It’s all about survival for you guys, no such thing as love for una dictionary. Obviously you both fighting are not fighting for love but for survival through the said sugar daddy.



Side chic, side dick, side dude, sugar mummy, sugar daddy. Una life na just a pot of rice, beans and corn. I laugh when I see people mess themselves up like this. It’s a pity. Integrity is so sweet to have.






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