Twitter User, Tunde Onakoya, Narrates how He Survived Traffic Robbers in Ketu, Lagos State

Tunde Onakoya

A Nigeria twitter user, Tunde Onakoya, has narrated how nearly became a victim of traffic robbers at a Lagos bus stop on Thursday night at Ketu bus stop while retuning home.



He shared the rather depressing and fearing experience via his verified twitter handle on Friday morning, he said the guys couldn’t break the glasses of his car window, so they went on the next car driving in front of him.


In hos words, Tunde said;

Almost got robbed in traffic last night around ketu bustop. Two guys came up to my car window with knives and stones and attempted to break in.





I kept calm as I wasn’t sure what to do. They kept banging the windows in futility. After sometime, they moved on to the next car. Sigh

Tunde Onakoya Traffic Robbery
Tunde Onakoya Traffic Robbery


There’s been several reports of traffic robbers victimizing passengers, breaking their cars and making away with values, had reported the case of Actress Kemi Afolabi and others who have been a victim of such crimes while on transit.



Tunde Onakoya is the founder of Chess in Slums, a Non-governmental Organization whose goal is Teaching and Unlocking the Potential In Every Child Using Chess Educational Resources and mentorship.




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