Twitter User Shared Photos of his 2-year-old Niece who was Flogged Mercilessly Because she Couldn’t Recite ABC in Class

Twitter User Shared Photos of his 2 year old Niece who was Flogged Mercilessly Because she Couldnt Recite ABC in Class

A twitter user, known as Waka Waka Tailor has shared pictures of his 2-years-old niece who was flogged by her teacher in school for not being able to recite the 24 letters of English Alphabets.





The angered uncle took to twitter to share the pictures showing marks of cane strokes on the back of his 2-year-old niece.



He added that the mother of the child, (which her sister), tried to confront the teacher, but the teacher boasted that the girl wasn’t the only pupil who was flogged in the class.




After the mother of the child complained that her 2-year-old daughter came back from school the other day and was bleeding from the nose. The teacher who was now backed by the owner of the accuse the mother that she’s plotting to bring down the school.

clip image of @waka waka tailor on twitter
clipimage of @waka waka tailor on twitter


He subsequently gave out the name and address of the school as Unique vilos.16 alahun – ozumba street, maza-maza Lagos, and called on Nigerian lend him their voice.





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