Twitter User Recounts How School Mate was Shot Dead Over Mistaken Identity (photos)

It was a cold and disheartening thing to read of how a twitter user shared how an innocent boy was shot dead while he was eating only for the assailants to realized that they’ve shot the wrong person. A twitter user with the name and handle Papa Ejima @ogbuefitoks shared the shocking memory in a tweet saying..




I’ll never forget in UNN, behind Zik’s flats…we were eating in a buka, (local restaurant) these guys ran in, shot a guy in d chest with a shotgun, we all dropped to d floor…



then one of them goes “oh, no be am sef” & dey left. Mistaken identity & dey just ended someone’s life like that!


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The tweet didn’t go to say when the gruesome murder of this innocent boy happened, however it is a reminder to always be on the lookout and never let our guards down even when in the midst of friendlies, especially when in a hostile territory 

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