Twitter user Calls out FCMB for wiping off all the money in his Account after Booking a Flight of Abuja to Lagos

A twitter user has called out First City Monument Bank, (FCMB) allegedly wiping off all the money in his bank account and giving him a negative balance -₦25,900 afterwards. 



According to the angry customer, he booked a flight of of Abuja to Lagos and paid with his card. After his card was charged he was seeing a balance of -₦27k, and in other to know if it was a mistake, he contacted a friend to send ₦2k to him to see if the sms alert will be corrected.


But to his greatest surprise, the -₦27k became -₦25k. Meaning that the he no longer have money with fcmb but is rather owing them. He also pointed that out he has also received a deposit of 100k on 3 occasions within the weekend and 2 days prior.



Sharing the sad and shocking experience to his page, her wrote;

All of a sudden all the money in my FCMB account turned to minus 27k after booking a flight of Abuja to Lagos (35k). meaning that I no longer have money with fcmb but rather owing them ( note: Atiku Na Asia made transfer of 100k 3 times within the last 4 days.


In order to satisfy my curiosity I asked a friend to deposit 2k there and behold, they minus 2k and my balance is -25k (😳). First City Monument Bank has been my Bank of 15 years and I am asking them to explain to me how all of a sudden they have started loaning such amount to saving account operators.


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