TV Show Host, Wendy Williams Confided to a Wheelchair After Early Stages Of Dementia

Wendy Williams of the popular Wendy Williams TV Show has been reportedly restricted to a wheelchair after she’s suffered from a progressed early stages of Dementia, a general term for loss of memory, language, problem-solving and other thinking abilities that are severe enough to interfere with daily life.



The 57-year-old American TV show host/presenter who has been off-camera for a while due to her health challenges. Several of her engagements had to be cancelled or rescheduled and in recent times, restricted to using a wheelchair now as her capability to walk has become diminished.


The Ricky Smiley Morning Show’s Toine The Don gave the shocking update on Wendy’s health on Nov. 22, saying, “It is being reported that the 57-year-old talk show host has completely lost all blood circulation in her legs and in her feet.”



Wendy is also allegedly suffering from early stages of dementia, – he said in an INstagram post which reads;


“The entertainment group Lionsgate reportedly has Wendy stored away under lock and key to prevent another booze and vodka-filled depression,” 


As of now, Wendy still isn’t scheduled to return toThe Wendy Williams Show anytime soon.


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