Trader Raises Alarm After Spotting Unknown Vehicles Throwing Away People’s PVC from Their Vehicle (Video)

Businessman Raises Alarm After Spotting Unknown Vehicles Throwing Away Peoples PVC from Their Vehicle

A Lagos-based Igbo trader has raised an alarm to the general public, after he spotted a vehicle throwing out people’s permanent voters card , PVC, through their vehicle widows.




The trader who didn’t give his name in the video clip obtained by LatestNGnews, explained that he saw this while taking is Saturday morning running exercise regretted that he wasn’t with his phone so he can catch face, vehicle of plate number of the culprits on camera.


He said that after witnessing this scene which he described as disappointing and shameful,  added that he greased little children with money and begged them to help pick up as many voters cards as they could, at the end they counted it and it was 270 in number, which all / majority of them were voters cards of Abuja resident.


Lamenting that he paid the sum of 2k just for him to get registered for PVC at his polling unit, the added that with the way people’s voters card are being poured out from vehicles in different parts of the country, he expressed that he might not be getting his own voters card despite paying money to get registered.


He condemned the acts of these bad eggs who because of the money they’re being paid, enslave the future of their own children by throwing away registered voters card of innocent citizens who’re already eager to use it and vote for their preferred candidate come 2023 general elections.




He also opined that it would be best for everyone if Nigeria is divided and people who wants things to remain the same can have it their way, while people who wants a better and working Nigeria will can start afresh, away from heir oppressors and bad leader.



The eyewitness who confirmed people’s PVC’s being disposed from an unknown vehicle while he was having his morning juggling, fetched as many PVC’s as he can for proof, and called on the good people of Nigeria to help make sure that these voter cards gets to their respective owners who he said are mostly Abuja addresses. 






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