Tonye Cole of Sahara Group, Advises Haters to Stop Hating on his Wife When They see her Enjoying, Becuase she Worked so Hard for it

tonye cole sahara group

Port Hacourt born Oil tycoon, Tonye Cole has narrated how his wife helped set up his company, Sahara Group. Tonye revealed that he and his wife made a tough decision to put everything he had into setting up the company, and for the first two years or more, he didn’t earn a salary, and all the money they made went back into the company.




He disclosed that his wife was a registrar at University of Lagos at the time, and they had a toddler to cater for too. Cole said it turned out tough for them, but his wife proved herself to be tougher. Stressing that Sahara became successful because of his wife, he also recounted how his wife held the home, put food on the table and paid their rent, all with her salary for more than 2 years.


Cole concluded by saying that people should not be jealous when they see his wife enjoying the fruit of her labour because she worked for it and made sacrifices for it.







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