Tony Mwaba Kazadi, Minister of Education in DRC Congo, Impregnates his Deputy Minister, Aminata Namasia, says it was an Accident

The Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST), Tony Mwaba Kazadi, has impregnated his Deputy, Aminata Namasia, in his feeble defense, he claimed it was an accident. 


Local News reports revealed that Kazadi and Namasia who are both married, developed feelings for each other as they worked together in the DRC education ministry, which led to a them engaging in a secret extra-marital affair.



According to The Heritage Times, a DRC journalist, Lungila John took to Twitter to reveal the affair between both officials that led to the deputy education minister’s pregnancy.


The duo have come under heavy criticism from citizens of DRC, accusing them of reeking bad conduct and immorality. Archy Lema, a citizen of DRC and a Twitter user said,



DRC is a country of shame. She said Namasia has no education to give to any young lady in the country.



Another citizen of DRC said

if politicians in the country, especially Kazadi and Namasia wanted to be referred to as “excellencies” or “honourables”, their conduct should have been more excellent and honourable, especially since they are very popular and wealthy, unlike other Congolese people.



The Heritage Times said Namasia was appointed the National Deputy Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education in the Democratic Republic Of Congo under Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde’s cabinet on April 12, 2021,




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