Tonto Dike Contests at son’s Inter-House Sports, Wins Second Position in Running (Video)

Anyone who Hurt Your Should be Ready to Loose it all Living or Non Living

Nollywood actor, Tonto Dike has, has attended attended his son, King Adre’s inter-house sports competition and took second position in the short run competition.



It will be safe to assume that this one one the ways the actress is showing the world, that she’ll go any length to show motherly love and protection to his his son.


She shared the clip of her latest adventure on her IG page on saturday, in a post which reads;

My son gonna grow up to watch all these videos and say to him, This woman knows how to love sha..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Represented my sons House and disappointingly came 2nd…


The mommy who came first e be like say she don carry me for mind before, she was a beast on that track.. Congratulations to all the winners




In an earlier post, the actress shared a clip of her son while they were ready to head to the competition ground, she wrote saying;



Inter house sports day and guess who is KING OF HIS HOUSE?  Ladies and gentlemen I present to you HIS LORDSHIP KING ANDRE DIKEH THE 1ST



Watch a clip of the competition  below… where Tonto competed with other moms at the school in the race and won the second position….





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