This Fuel Scarcity is too Much, I Need A Petrol Station Boyfriend — Tonto Dike

Tonto Dike

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dike, has said that she needs a boyfriend who works in a petrol station, hinting that the petrol scarcity that is currently experienced in Lagos and some other parts of the country is getting too much.



She said this following how difficult it gets day by day to get petrol in Lagos, and with the increasing queue of people, vehicles and jerrycans at filling stations.




Tonto Dikeh praised gasoline attendants as the true MVPs during this time period in an Instagram story.



The single mother whose son recently turned 6, revealed her intention to date a petrol station owner because he would provide her with fuel in these trying times. Tontolet wrote:



“All of you dating fuel attendants, my people una be the real MVP this period ooo… As I am like this is to go and get petrol station boyfriend”.


tontolet I need a petrol station boyfriend
tontolet I need a petrol station boyfriend


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