Thief Who Entered a house to steal, Gets Enchanted by Native Charms Protecting the House and he Starts Sweeping the Rooms/Compound Instead (Video)

African Traditional Practices have  been once again but to test and the results are astonishing, after a burglary entered into a residential house to steal but was cut by the charm which was protecting the house he broke into.




According to the narrator and the voice in the background of the video, who goes by the name Odinala Igbo by Ogaziamaka, who stated that the incident happened on Sunday, (wasn’t specific on the date).


He explained that the owner of the house has been complaining of thieves breaking into his house both in day and night times, and stealing any valuables they can find their hands, including the ones of his tenants.


So the home owner took matters into his hands and visited a traditional/native doctor (known as dibia in Igbo language), the native doctor gave him a charm which he placed beside his building.



Few days later, the thieve broke into the house and was caught by the charm which now made him to start sweeping the house, gathering the refuse, and then pouring the refuse back inside the house and starts sweeping all over again.




One of the tenants living in the house, who pleaded to speak outside the camera, said that the thief is also a tenant in the house, adding that the landlord in one occasion accused him of being the culprit of the crimes due to the type of people that visits him in the compound.



Several of the recovered stolen items TV set, remote control, phones, bundle of cash, laptop, etc. This is indeed African Traditional Medicine and Practices at it best.









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