They were Crushed Papers, not Rotten and Decayed Bundles of Cash — Benue Police Spokesperson, Anene Sewuese Catherine

Anene Sewuese Catherine

The Benue state police command has offered more clarifications after a viral video alleged that money was recovered from stash of sacks found in Wadata Police Barracks in the state.




The police command said the sacks contained crushed papers and not damaged naira notes. A video making the rounds on social media claims the Naira notes were hidden in multiple bags and were stacked for years.

A voice in the video could be heard saying


“Live oh, Wadata, EFCC discover money. See money. See where dem hide am. Money don spoil, make una see am. See money. Police Barracks, Wadata. Politicians, una no go kill us.”


In a rebuttal issued on Twitter, the spokesperson of the state police command, Anene Catherine, said the items discovered in the sacks were crushed papers and not cash.





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