They Came to my Shop to Buy Something but my backside distracted them — Nigerian Girl Speaks out Angrily (Video)

A young Nigerian lady, who’s screen name is Zainab Abdulrauf has taken to social media to express disappointment with some guys
She said that the guys came into her mom’s provision shop to buy some items.
Zainab explained that what pained her most that she felt her time was wasted, was the manner the guys lost focus and total concentration by mere physical appearance.
She then made a video of herself fuming after some guys who came to patronize her mother’s market got distracted by her backside.
According to her, they came to her mom’s shop to get a couple of things and it was going all fine, but just as she was about to get their order the guys started making advances at her because of her back side.



And from there they didn’t take their own orders seriously


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