These 2 Dogs in the USA, Huntah and Duke, can Smell and Detect any Person with Covid-19

Bristol County Capt. Paul Douglas, has shared a milestone achived by his department in the quest of fighting covid-19 and its variant. Paul disclosed that a black Labrador named Huntah and a golden Lab called Duke can detect the smell and detect if is person is infected with covid.



He disclosed that the dogs have been trained to detect an odor from people who are infected and are already sick with COVID-19. Paul while speaking to press, revealed that the dogs will visit three school districts in Bristol County before this week runs out. In his words;


“With COVID, whether it’s the omicron, whether it’s the delta, our dogs will hit on it, And if there’s a new variant that comes out in six months, hopefully, there isn’t, but if there is one, COVID is COVID.”



The dogs, Huntah and Duk, were trained by professionals using a detection program developed by Florida International University’s International Forensic Research Institute.


They (the dogs) have already visited Fairhaven School, where superintendent Tara Kohler welcomed the dogs saying their presence shows students, “we are doing everything we can to mitigate the risk and I want them to feel secure and safe and not anxious”


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