There was an Attack in Owo Again but the Attackers didn’t come to kill or kidnap — Governor Rotimi Akeredolu

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu

Rotimi Akeredolu, the executive governor of Ondo state, has cleared the air on the recent attacks that occurred in Owo community on Wednesday night, just weeks after scores were killed during a Sunday mass on Pentecost Sunday, 2022.



Commenting on the attack which happened on July 27, 2022, where two security operatives were injured, and the armed men shot sporadically which resulted to the residents panicking, gov. Akeredolu said the gunmen had no plan to kill or abduct anyone. He also urged the panicking residents not to remain calm. His words were;




“I want to allay the fears of our people. Clearly, what happened here on Wednesday night was not an attempt to kidnap anybody because they went away with nobody. And we have on the premises over 100 people living there.


“Yes, there were sporadic gunshots at the wall but they never went inside to kill anybody. The only two people who had some gunshot wounds were security men who they saw outside the premises.



“So, it is clear to us that their intention was to attack one or two equipment here, which they did. Their explosives affected the tyres and the windscreen of another vehicle.”



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