There is a Scammer in town! Peter Obi is a Scamming People With Lies and People are Believing him — Asari Dokubo (Video)

Picture of Asari Dokubo and Mr Peter Obi

Asari Dokubo, a former militant leader has called out Labour Party’s (LP) 2023 presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, as a scammer, saying the former governor is scamming and deceiving several Nigerians with lies.




Posting on his fb page in a live video, on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, Asari Dokubo maintained that the OBI-dient movement will not succeed  “because it is going nowhere”. He also made several other claims in the same post which he made on okubo Asari Justice Foundation page.




The founder of Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force, also queried Obi’s achievements as Governor, saying the money he saved was child’s play to what Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike spends.



“There is a scammer in town. Peter Obi is a scamming people with lies and people are believing him. “This is nauseating. Peter Obi was a governor of Anambra state for eight years.




“Anambra State is one of the advantageous states in Nigeria because of the people. They have Onitsha, Awka, Nnewi. These are the biggest goldmines in Nigeria after Lagos, Port Harcourt and Aba.



“They said he saved seventy-something billion. What is seventy-something billion? The money that Wike toys with in Rivers.



“How would you compare Obi with Tinubu or Atiku? What is his antecedent? Lies. You are showing documents. Who showed that you rejected the lands? All these small small [sic] scams, who dem wan do naw 









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