The Returned $23 million Abacha loot Should be used by the Government to meet ASUU’s demands — ASUU President, Prof. Emmanuel Osodeke (Video)

ASUU President Professor Emmanuel Osodeke

Professor Emmanuel Osodeke, the president of the Academic Union of Universities, ASUU, has opined that the returned $23 million Abacha loot by the USA government, should be used to meet the demands of the academic union who have been on strike since February 14 this year, and has lasted for 6 months, the union and the federal government failing to meet a common ground.






Prof. Emmanuel Osodeke who earlier called on Nigerian students to vote any politician who’s kids are schooling in universities overseas, shared his opinion while speaking in an interview with Channels TV. He noted that if the Federal government was sincere, it would have used the $23 million Abacha loot the US government recently returned, to meet the demands of the striking lecturers. He said



”Let us take a typical man. You have a house and your child is seriously sick and you were paid money that you were not expecting, where would you put the money?




That child will be the first thing you will treat. Is it not? Before you start thinking of how you are going to buy clothes.



Your universities have been shut for six months. You said no funds. Now a fund you were not expecting came.



Where should you if you really love education put the money? But you are seeing how the country is going. And you say you don’t have money.” 






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