The Muslim-Muslim Ticket of Tinubu/Shettima is the best Option for Nigeria now — APC Chairman

Abdullahi Adamu

Abdullahi Adamu, the APC National chairman has said that Muslim-Muslim ticket of Tinubu/Shettima ahead of the coming general elections in 2023, is the best option for Nigeria right now.



The former governor of Nasarawa state who said earlier that government can borrow money till eternity, disclosed this while speaking to BBC Hausa on Thursday. He said that same faith ticket is a strategy they (APC), think can work in the country. He also spoke on the economic and security challenges facing the country, especially in this APC regime, adding that every country have their own economic crisis. He said;


“You see, with the situation we are in the country, you can’t convince everybody. It’s democracy, everyone has his right but for us, same faith ticket is the best thing for Nigeria presently.



“But we will not relent, we will work to ensure we convince Nigerians to fully support this Tinubu/Shettima ticket, every party has its strategy and this is our strategy that we think can best work for us.”





“Yes, there’s insecurity in the country and every country faces its own kind of insecurity. The media don’t publicize government efforts adequately.”


Watch the video of what a man who is believed to be an Imam, spoke about the APC Muslim-Muslim ticket. He claimed that Christians are infidels and it has come to a time when Muslims only ruled the country from here on out.







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