The Kidnappings and Killings in Anambra have Nothing to do with the Agitation, It is done by Criminals who are out for Money — Gov Soludo

Prof Soludo

Who is behind the killings in Anambra State? That has been the the question on the lips of many people who are genuinely concerned about the recent kidnapping and killing in Anambra state.


To answer this and clarify the public on the issues at hand, the executive governor of Anambra state, Prof C.C. Soludo, has given a sound clarification on the security challenges that has befallen Anambra state. 



Speaking the the Christian faithful, at ALL SAINTS CATHEDRAL, ONITSHA, the governor revealed that kidnappers are mere criminals who are out for money and nothing else, adding that majority of them are not indigenes of Anambra state.



The governor also revealed that one the kidnappers den in Ogboji Aguluezechukwu forest, was recently invaded by the authorities, and the kidnappers were apprehended while some escaped, he also said that 3 notebooks were found at the den, which includes the list of kidnapped victims and the amount each of them paid, to gain their freedom.



Sadly, the governor said that in their records, one of the kidnapped victims paid the some 150k to gain his freedom. Stressing on this, Prof Soludo maintained that these kidnappers are criminals who must be flushed out of Anambra state.



Speaking on why the kidnappers made Anambra their target, governor Soludo explained that it is because Anambra state houses tons of millionaires and billionaires, who come from linage and background of rich/wealthy individuals, with deep pockets. Watch the video of the briefing below…. the full video can be found on official YouTube Channel.









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