The Happiness of a Home lies in the Hands of the man — Nollywood Actor, Junior Pope

Nollywood Actor Junior Pope

Ace Nollywood actor, Junior Pope Odonwodo, has share  his opinion that the happiness of any home lies in the hands of the man in the home.  The actor stated this on Instagram while reacting to the posts shared by Korth, the estranged wife of singer Sina Rambo who took to social media to call her husband out. Read Junior Pope’s reaction below…



Know it that Two persons raised from different backgrounds and environs coming together to live as ONE…….is one of the most difficult things in life…….


In my 8 years in marriage, I would say that the HAPPINESS of a home lies in the hands of the man Uneasy they say is the head that wears the crown WOMEN also should do better, small misunderstanding like this una don run come social media


(I don’t think anyone has ever found a solution to their marital problems here) Even boys/ girls high on mkpuru mmiri/ other illicit drugs will have a comment or two to drop on your matter



(1) He is broke

(2) He is a one minute man This is all we hear from my dear sisters about their spouse if small issue Dey…….. Well if you are determined to make your marriage work; it will work……..


Having said that; DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is a NO NO for me walk away the moment he/she puts a finger on u



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