Thank God we didn’t Qualify for the World cup, It would Have been a Distraction — Mary Njoku

Mary Njoku

Several Nigerians have shown that they’re truly not disappointed that the Super Eagles failed to qualify for the Qatar 2022 world cup, following an unfavourable 1-1 draw at the MKO Abiola stadium in Abuja.



Speaking about the development, Nigerian actress, Mary Njoku has hinted that the addressing the increase in loss of life is more important than going for world cup, adding that it would’ve been a distraction for Nigerians to address a bigger issue in the country.


In her words, Mary said;

“Thank God we didn’t qualify for the world cup. It would have been a distraction. “We need to focus on the real problems in Nigeria. And pressure the Govt to do something.



An attack on a train! An attack at the airport The insecurity in Nigeria is alarming! No more unnecessary distractions!!!! This needs everyone’s attention!!



Industry colleague, and actor, Williams Uchemba, also wrote in agreement to this, adding that the lives of innocent citizens who were lost in the past 72hrs, needs to be address, but the heads of state are all keeping quite, probably because they’re busy running and preparing for 2023 general elections






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