Terrorists are Working with Jihadists in the Buhari Administration, I know at least 1 Person — Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri

Reno Omkri, a former presidential aide to GoodLuck Johnathan, has said that the terrorists who are causing harms and damages in Nigeria, are working as government officials in the Buhari administration.




Former presidential aide noted that he knows at least 1 person, adding that Late Obadiah Mailafia also have knowledge of this, which will make so much sense if you’re able to connect the dots and cross the I’s.


You can recall that the Former CBN Deputy Governor, was on the verge of naming some persons who’re believed with credible information to be one of the sponsors of these terrorist but his life was suddenly cut short.





Sharing on his facebook page while reacting to the death and kidnapping of the Abuja-Kaduna Train, Pastor Reno urged Nigerians to think, same way he did in 2021 when he named the names of those sponsoring the Boko Haram terror attacks in Nigeria


In his post on Tuesday, Reno Omokri said;

These terrorists are working with Jihadists in the Buhari administration, and I know at least one of them, who is no longer in government. The late Obadiah Mailafia also knew this, and said so publicly, before he died in extremely suspicious circumstances.


The attack on Kaduna airport was strategic. It was a typical Jihadi terror strategy. The intention was to attack the airport and make it seem unsafe, to make people afraid and drive them to use the trains, where the terrorists were already waiting.


They did not want to kill and abduct ordinary citizens. They wanted big fishes who would normally fly. And the only way to get them was to make the airport unsafe.


It was coordinated with their sympathisers in Buhari’s cabal. Don’t forget that in this administration we have a minister who said on video that he takes delight in the killing of infidels. He was retained, while another minister, who had a forged NYSC certificate, was sacked. Nigeria, think!


Terrorists are Working with Jihadists in the Buhari Administration
Terrorists are Working with Jihadists in the Buhari Administration




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