Taking Medicines, Getting Pregnant, Chewing gum, Wearing wrist watches, etc, is a sin — Preacher man Claims (video)

An unidentified self-acclaimed preacher has been seen in a viral video, preaching to commercial bus passengers and telling them what is sin before the eyes of the maker and what’s not.



The preacher listed some things which are can be regarded as sin before the maker, and they ridiculously include taking medicine, chewing of gums, wearing trouser, using bleaching cream, wearing wrist watches, rings, etc, are all sin.


He continued by saying that wearing of long and short lashes are all sin, when confronted by passengers sitting inside the bus, he justified his claim by saying that not all women that have scx get pregnant.



Though marriage is ordained by God, having children is “not necessary” and that men should ask for forgiveness after impregnating their wives


He further claimed that a man hugging a woman he’s not married to is a sin, as dowry must be paid before such can happen.



The preacher went on to ask everyone listening to him to repent and amend their ways as darkness is coming.


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