Sylvester Oromoni’s cousin Accuses Lagos Police Saying ‘ Sylvester’s Killers’ have been Bailed

This is unbelieveable to a lot of high profiles all over Nigeria. The Innocent Secondary school boy who was bullied and killed in School is still a quite shock to this family members. Sylvester Oromoni’s cousin accuses Lagos police of hoarding his autopsy result, alleges that Dowen College’s house masters are still locked up while the



Perri, cousin of late student of Dowen College Sylvester Oromoni has accused the Lagos state police command of “hoarding” his second autopsy result. Perri who made the claim while remembering his cousin’s death one month after, also stated that while the house masters of the school are still locked up, the “killers” have been freed on bail.


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Report of Sylvester Oromoni’s death after allegedly being bullied by his seniors in the Lagos school, led to an outcry including high profile reactions weeks ago, as many demanded for justice. Now, It’s ben brought to our notice that the killers has been released. Can you still believe this country?



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