SWAT Operative Caught Checking Citizen’s Phone in Plateau state, Despite Order by the IGP (Video)

SWAT Operatives Caught Checking Citizens Phone

An operative of the Plateau state Special Weapon and Tactics of the state police, has been seen checking a civilian’s phone in the name of stop and search.




The officer who is yet to be identified, was seen siting in a squad car and checking the phone of road users they alighted from a car in Plateau state, despite an order given to the Inspector General of Police, that no policeman has the right to search a person’s phone, except the phone has been confiscated as an evidence in a active investigation.


Twitter user @OyalePeter who is believed to be one of the civilians that was treated unlawfully by the police, shared the video on his page with a caption;



New SWAT stopped us and started searching our phones. Thought this was meant to be over


In an update he shared, he said that they were let to go after the operatives couldn’t find anything incriminating in their phones, adding that the the video evidence of the unlawful act has been sent to relevant authority who’re looking into the matter.






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