Suspected Female Child Trafficker, Chijioke Akauba, Arrested in Anambra (Video)

Female Child Trafficker Akauba Arrested in Anambra

A suspected female child trafficker, who gave her name as  Chijioke Akauba, has been arrested in Anambra state with a child victim she kidnapped from Lagos state.



During the interrogation, she gave her name as Chijioke Akauba from Odida Nnewichi, (a community in Nnewi, Anambra state) and confessed that she stole the child from Lagos state, with intentions of selling the child to a buyer in Anambra.


The mother of 8 also confessed that she has sold two of her own kids to buyers in previous times.


When asked who is her buyer, she said that she didn’t know the buyer is, but she confirmed that she will be getting ₦150,000 as commission after the deal was completed.



Unfortunately for her and fortunately for the girl child she kidnapped from Lagos, Chijioke Akauba was apprehended and paraded by the Odida Nnewichi vigilante group








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