Suspect who gives concoctions to children to drink so that their tummy will grow big and he’ll use them to beg, arrested in Lagos (Video

A man has been arrested in Lagos after was suspected of being the master mind behind several of the kid street and traffic beggars at Mile 2 bridge, Lagos state, who roam day and night with their big bellies.



In a video which was obtained by as shared by Onodjae Efemena, a Nigerian freelance crime and politics journalist, the suspect in the video. the suspect confessed to be giving something to those little children to drink which makes their stomach big, in order to attract sympathizers.



He also said that some of the kids already had stomach blow, so they give them a black medicine (locally made), to help them heal but they medicine makes their stomach to be growing bigger. The video was posted earlier with a caption which reads;



Just as I was on my way to the office this evening, at Mile 2 bridge, I met a crowd beating a young boy. Out of curiosity as a journalist to know what happened, I took an excuse from the boys to interview the victim.




It’s surprising to know that those beggars with stomach turmoil at every bus stop take drugs to have their stomachs big in other to attract public sympathy. More details on our website page soon.



Onodjae Efemena also called on the Lagos state police command spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin, to help FastTrack the investigation so as to arrest their oga who is behind all this, which he tagged as a crime agauinst humanity.








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