Students of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo Blocks School Entrance Gate with the Corpse of the Colleague Ademola Alayori

Ademola Alayori

Angered students of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo , Ondo state, earlier today, July 8, 2022, blocked the entrance gate of their school with a coffin containing the dead body of their schoolmate, Ademola Alayori, who died after he was shot by the Amoketun security operatives.



Ademola  who tried to give an account of what happened, said in a voice note, he did before his death, said that the incident happened on Monday night July 4. According to him, he was at home and had just finished eating and was about to drink water when he saw his brother who is an apprentice at a barbing salon returning home.



He said the next thing he knew was that some men barged into their apartment. Ademola said he inquired what they were looking for but they ignored him and instructed him and others in the apartment to move out. It was in this process that he was allegedly shot.



Adenoma further stated that he was dragged by the operatives to their office where he was kept in a cell with a dog that was licking the blood from his wound. He said he was taken to the Federal Medical Center in Owo after his condition worsened and thereafter an operation was carried out on him. It was in the hospital that he later died.


In protest of his killing, the students carried his corpse this morning to the gate of the state government house where they are demanding that the Amotekun agents that allegedly killed Ademola be brought to book.







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